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Why are you interested in this role?

This is an important question, both for you and the interviewer. Is the job really right for you? Is it what you want? Why do you want it? Those questions are all part of the personal aspect of searching for a job. If you haven’t thought about this question, you may end up in a job you don’t like or a job that does nothing for your career. Even “I need the money” is fine for an internal answer. Just don’t make it the complete answer to this question during an interview.

For the interviewer it shows you’ve put some thought into the job search, and some thought into why the job is right for you and thus why you’re right for the job. When giving the answer include your qualifications and goals with the needs of the job and the company. That means having done research on the company and the position.

Some good answers include:

Perfect for Me:
“This is a great career opportunity, but even more than that the job seems tailor made for my skills. I’ll be able to put my expertise in marketing to work here, and it will be challenging. I live for a challenge.”

Good Team:
“My skills really fit the job – I shaved 20% off my last company’s budget by eradicating duplicate efforts. I also love the team I’ll be joining – I think we’ll get along great and we can learn a lot from each other.”

Exciting Company:
“From your web site and what some friends tell me, your company is launching some exciting initiatives. I want to be a part of that growth.”

Hone my Skills:
“Now that I’ve graduated top of the class from business skill, I’m excited about putting those skills to work for a successful, growing company.”

I Can Do It:
“I want this job demonstrating products to the public because I’m good at communicating with people. I enjoy meeting them and helping them discover new, helpful products.”

Applaud the Company:
“So many companies are outsourcing for cheaper foreign labor, but you recognize the value of a better skilled, experienced work force. It makes me proud to be considered for a position with an organization like this one. I’ll be even prouder to work for you.”

What should be avoided in an answer? Here’s one example. “I’m lazy. Your job listing was first in the want ads, so here I am.”

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