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How would you define a good working atmosphere?

When answering this question you need to make sure that you remain generic in your answer. Keep in mind that the reason the interviewer is asking this question is because they want to find out whether you will be a good fit for that department or that working environment. If you go into too much detail you run the risk of describing an environment that is the exact opposite of the type of environment in which you would be working if you are hired for the job you are interviewing for. Of course, that is something you do not want.

As you describe the working atmosphere in which you would feel comfortable you may describe an environment in which you would be able to function as a contributing member. You might also mention that you would like to work in an environment that would allow you to hone your existing skills and gain experience to facilitate your career growth. This type of description is positive while at the same time remains generic enough that you do not have to worry that your answer will alienate the employer if it does not match the environment associated with the job you are applying for.

As you interview for various jobs you will find that you will commonly run into several questions of this nature that require you to describe your ideal working environment, ideal boss, ideal job, etc. All of these questions are really designed to find out more about you, whether you will be easy to work with and whether you would be a good match for that particular job and working environment. Always remember that going into too much detail when answering these types of questions places you in danger of describing a situation that would not compliment the prospective job.

When preparing for an interview it is always a good idea to practice answering several of these types of questions as it is quite likely that you will encounter at least one question of this type from time to time while searching for a job. Taking the time to practice these answers will help you to gain confidence and give you the ability to answer questions that can otherwise be difficult when they are posed to you during an interview.

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