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What is your ideal position?

This is another common interview question that you are likely to see if you interview for even a small number of jobs. When describing your dream job, you need to make certain that you steer well clear of describing any type of specific job. Under no circumstances should you describe the type of job for which you are interviewing. This is a common mistake that many job applicants make because they think it will buy them favor with the interviewer. Quite to the contrary, it questions your credibility because this type of strategy is easily visible. The last thing that you want is for the interviewer to think that you are simply giving them whatever answer it is that you think they want to hear. This is a fast way to bomb and interview.

On the other hand, if you describe a type of job that is vastly different from the job for which you are interviewing then the interviewer is likely to think that you will not be satisfied with the job if they give it to you and will quickly be looking for another. This is also something that you do not want to have happen when you are interviewing either. As you can see, this can be a very difficult question to answer because there are so many possible pitfalls. The best approach when answering this question is to keep your response as generic as possible. For example, you might say that your ideal job would be one in which you enjoy the work you perform, like the people you work with and are able to contribute to the company in a meaningful way.

That is a very vague and generic response but it does give you the benefit of being able to avoid the two types of problems that you could easily run into when answering this question too specifically. This is a good question that you can easily practice responding to when you are preparing for an interview. You should sound as though you have given the matter a lot of thought and that your response is genuine. Your response to this question is easily transferable, meaning that no matter how many interviews you go on or how many different types of jobs you apply for, you will be able to respond in the same manner.

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