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What do you know about our company?

While it may be surprising to learn, many applicants never take the time to find out what they can about a company they are interviewing with. This is becoming a standard interview question which you should fully expect to receive, so it makes sense that you really should make an attempt to find out as much as you can about the company prior to the interview. There are several important reasons for this.

One reason that the employer may ask this question is to find out whether you are willing to take initiative to do things on your own. This can be quite important to many employers who do not want to feel as though they need to babysit or hand hold a new employee. If they feel that you have the initiative to do things on your own they may feel that you are better suited for the job than someone who is not willing to put forth the effort to do research on their own prior to the interview.

In addition, the employer may also want to ensure that you have educated yourself about the company and feel you will be a good fit. If you have not taken the time to find out some basic information about the company it can be hard to know whether you will be a suitable match.

There are many ways that you can find out information about a company prior to an interview. Begin by researching the business online and review their website, including the About Us section that most sites have. You should also research other information about the company online, if it is available, in blogs, social networking sites and discussion boards. If you know anyone who works for or who has worked for the company in the past you might also make a point of meeting with them prior to the interview. This will give you an insider’s view of the company and the ability to obtain information that you might not be able to access anywhere else.

Before the interview, compile all of the information you have uncovered and be sure to review it carefully. This will help you to make an excellent impression when the time for the interview arrives.

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