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What entices you most about the possibility of this job?

When you are asked why you are interested in the position for which you are interviewing, the best way to answer is to refer back to the qualifications requested in the job posting and then show how those qualifications are related to your own experience and skills. This will allow the employer to clearly see that you understand the job, which is not something that can be said about all applicants. In addition, it also demonstrates that you have the required qualifications for the job.

For example, suppose that you are applying of a job in human resources where you would be the manager and be responsible for recruiting as well as training and orientation. In that case, you would want to make certain that you discuss your responsibilities in prior positions that relate to those duties and why you would like to continue developing your experience in the field of human resources.

Along the same lines, if you were interviewing for a position as a programmer, you would want to be sure that you discuss your interest in learning more about new technologies as well as your experience related to programming and how much you enjoy problem solving.

Regardless of the type of position the job entails it is critical to make sure you demonstrate your enthusiasm for the opportunity along with your ability to perform the job. This will be very important as the employer will not only want to be assured that you have the skills and abilities to perform the job well but also that you have an interest in the job as well. This is because smart employers know that employees who have a genuine interest in the work they perform tend to perform their jobs better and are more productive. They also tend to remain with their jobs longer than employees who have no real interest in the work they are performing. Therefore, it is quite important that you not only relay your experience and skills when discussing what interests you about the job but also your enthusiasm for that type of work as well. Finally, make sure that you stick to how you can benefit the company and avoid any mention of being interested in the job because of the perks, benefits, salary, etc. This can be a distraction that could cost you the job.

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