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In what areas would you like to improve?

A good answer to this question has two main parts:

  • A skill related to the job you’d like to improve
  • A plan of action for improving it – better that this is already being implemented

This question is fairly similar to the questions about weaknesses – “What is your greatest weakness.” Avoid the same pit fall of naming a strength taken to the extreme. This is a transparent baloney answer that is more avoiding the question than answering it. Examples include:

“I’d like to be able to relax a little bit, stop working such extreme hours – I’ll stay at work 24 hours a day if someone doesn’t remind me to go home.”

“I tend to be too much a perfectionist. I’m working on letting go once something is 99% perfect.”

Knowing the company and the job description helps with this answer. Honestly evaluating yourself, then comparing what needs to improve to the job requirements will help formulate a strong answer for this question.

“I have worked to become a better communicator over the years, but I still have some trouble when speaking to a large group. I’ve been a member of toastmasters for a few years so I can work on my ability to speak to large groups. That should serve me well when it comes time to making presentations to clients.”

“I tend to put things off – it’s really helped that I learned to keep lists of priorities. I still have to work on that a little bit so I don’t have to keep looking at my written list. That list does help when I’m managing a group to complete a project.”

Computer Skills
“The “For Dummies” books seem to be written for me. I was afraid I would delete everything whenever I touched the mouse. I’ve read a lot of books and still take some weekend classes to keep improving my skills with a computer. I would call myself intermediate right now when it comes to computers. My goal is to become an expert.”

The key is to mention skills that need moderate improvement, the current weakness won’t negatively impact the job, improvement will help the job, and there is a plan to improve. Even weak skills central to the job, when mentioned needing improvement in this way, will earn points in an interview.

Try to avoid something as extreme as this. “I easily lose my temper. I’m working on it in anger management, but the last instructor got me mad so I hit him. I’m looking for a new anger management class.”

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