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What creatively inspires you?

There’s really no right or wrong answer to interview questions like this one. The interviewer is trying to find out the key to maximizing your success on the job, to make sure it’s a good match. The interviewer is on your side, so honesty is the best policy.

This question requires a little thought before the interview. Know what inspires you, and be ready to give some examples of past work situations or projects that got your creative juices flowing. A good answer here can not only gain points in the interview, but assure a more positive work environment once you land the job.

Make sure that your excitement comes through in the answer. After all, you’re relating inspiring situations. Don’t down play the emotion. If there was a time a great work experience brought you to tears of joy, mention it. Show pictures if you have them!

“I was made the lead on a number of projects that required a lot of coordination between various groups. We managed to achieve a great result, on time, by creating processes for a smooth work flow. I really enjoy the challenge of creating order from potential chaos. To me, that’s an art form like painting.”

Uncharted Territory:
“I like the challenge of doing something that requires new thought, not just something someone knows but doesn’t have time to do. To me that’s busy work. I’m contributing when I can bring new ideas or answers to the company.”

The career:
“To tell you the truth it’s no one thing. Sure there are some things I’d rather do than others, but I chose this career because it inspires me in general. The career is my muse, and I enjoy expressing that even in mundane tasks.”

“To me creativity is about having time to think. The boss may have a specific method in mind, and that’s fine. But room for thought, coming up with a different path to the desired result is important as long as it doesn’t detract – such as by adding to much time or cost to a project.”

You’ll easily come up with your own good answer after taking a few moments to consider this question. But be careful not to come up with too eccentric an answer like this job seeker. “A camp fire, I’ll carry wood and build one indoors. You don’t have smoke detectors, do you?”

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