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What kind of people did you have contact with on your previous jobs (titles/positions)?

This question is not that common in an interview, but there is always the possibility that it could be posed to you so it is important to make sure that you are prepared to handle it if it comes up in a future interview. It can be helpful to understand why a prospective employer might pose this type of question so that you know how to best answer it.

There are various reasons why an employer may ask this question. One reason that an employer might pose this question to you would be because they want to know whether you have had prior experience in former positions in working with a wide range of supervisor levels or whether your experience has been restricted to a single department. If you are asked this question it can be a good indication that the job that you are interviewing for would require you to come into contact with a range of different positions, which can tell you a lot about that job.

In answering this question, you should always make sure that you are completely honest. If you did have the opportunity to come into contact with or work with people from different departments and different authority levels then you should state as much and then go into a little detail about the types of people you worked with in regards to their titles or positions. If that was not the case and your work was restricted to a single area of the company, meaning that you did not frequently come into contact with people from varying supervisory levels then you should state this as well but try to demonstrate that you are flexible. You should always leave the impression that even though you may not have had specific experience in the past with working with different supervisory levels that you feel you would be able to function effectively in this type of environment if you should encounter a situation where it would be needed. . If you have ever had military experience, now would be a good time to relate that to the question at hand because there is a good chance that you may have had to work at times when varying levels of command, which is an advantage that the prospective employer may be looking for in the ideal job candidate.

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