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Describe the best job you’ve ever had?

This is another question that’s not only designed to measure whether you’re a fit for the position and the company, but also to help the interviewer gauge how to best fit the job to your personality, skills and experience. Remember, there is flexibility in some positions, and companies are willing to work with people to maximize their efficiency.

That’s why it’s important to be honest. But don’t be too honest. If the new job is for one thing, don’t answer the question with something opposite. For example, if the job is a technical position where you’ll be working in isolation, don’t answer with a non-technical job where you worked with a lot of people. Positions are flexible, but they can’t turn 180 degrees.

Here are some examples of answers based on old jobs and the new job.

Old – Mechanic, New – Garage Supervisor:
“A few years ago I worked at a shop where the boss really trusted me. When he wasn’t around, I was in charge. I still had work to do, but I really enjoyed keeping an eye on things and making sure the shop ran smoothly.”

Old – Software Developer, New – Software Sales:
“I got a big kick out of solving problems, taking a blank sheet and turning it into software people can use. A salesman is on the other side of that, not only bringing solutions to people, but out in the field listening to people describe what they want. That turns into new features.”

Old – Financial Advisor, New – Pizza Delivery (In a bad economy, sometimes people’s careers take a dive.):
“Taking someone’s money, investing it, turning it into something more, that was the most fulfilling work I’ve done. It was exciting too! But it was also hard work. I’m not afraid of hard work.”

Old – Car Salesman, New – Fishing Expedition Captain
“What I loved most was getting to see all the newest models. I love cars! And then helping people get one for themselves…what a rush! To my thinking, a lot of the people who come out here will be on a boat, on this boat, for the first time. I’ll get to live that excitement through their eyes.”

Some keys to keep in mind for the answer:

  • Relate specific experiences from a specific job
  • If possible, tie it into the new position
  • Don’t hesitate to include emotions – make your voice sound the “!”

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