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What is your personal mission statement?

This question presents an excellent opportunity to show your commitment to a real professional career. Because the days of staying with one company a long time and moving up through the ranks are over, more and more people develop career mission statements. If you don’t have on, make one, not only to answer this interview question but to set a solid direction for a successful career. People who plan a career earn more, and are happier with work, than people who just work day after day without any goals or direction.

To create a personal mission statement:

• One – Remember and list past successes. Look back for triumphs and successes, either in personal or work life. Make a list of them. They don’t have to be spectacular. If there’s a common thread throughout these success stories, emphasize it – for example, perhaps communication always plays a big role, or show a connection through progress.
• Two – Determine core ideals or beliefs. List these attributes that show your character and priorities. These are attributes such as honesty, hard work, strong leadership, strong communication, and other positive attributes. Narrow this list down to a few, then try to select one that’s your core value.
• Three – List the ways you can change things, or make a difference. This includes how you can positively influence the world, your family, your employer, friends, and your community.
• Four – Set specific goals – identify and list both short and long term goals.

Once you’ve accomplished these four steps, you can develop a personal mission statement, and answer this question honestly in an interview.

“To be honest in everything I do, and through that honesty and the trust it engenders contribute to the full extent of my abilities every day.”

“To keep my feet firmly planted in reality while never forgetting that good dreams lead to great achievements.”

“Measure twice, cut once, start every task with clear direction, organization and a clear plan so that achieving success is realistic and repeatable.”

“My mission statement is to strive to clearly communicate with people in every phase of life and work. Solve problems by understanding different sides, and by listening to other people so I can understand how everyone contributes.”

This question is not an opportunity to express dissatisfaction with the interview, as this candidate did. “Never sit through long, boring interviews. Good bye!”

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