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When given new tasks or duties, describe how you adapt to them?

This question is a type of organizational interview question. In forming a response to this question it may help you to understand what the interviewer is hoping to gain from your response. Ultimately, the interviewer would like to find how you organize your workload as well as how you respond to change and new experiences. Your answer to this question could be crucial to the success of the interview, so you must make sure that you give careful thought and consideration when forming a response.

It would certainly be helpful when forming a response to this question if you have an idea of the duties or tasks that you will be expected to handle should you be hired for the relevant position. You may be able to gain this critical information by reviewing the job posting. Remember that even if you do not have complete information regarding the duties related to the position, you can still form a comprehensive response by reflecting on the manner in which you have previously adapted to new tasks or duties. Keep in mind that your answer should reflect the way you actually respond to new duties because if you get the job you will be expected to respond in the same manner.

The key in forming a good response to this question is to focus on prioritizing the most important tasks, learning as much as possible about the way in which duties should be properly performed and meeting the expectations of supervisors. In addition, when answering this question you need to explain to the interviewer how you prioritize your workload and also the way in which you manage timeframes.

Finally, you need to explain whether you feel more comfortable with jumping right in to new tasks or duties or whether you feel the need to take time adjusting to the new tasks before you tackle them. Be sure to explain why you respond in the way that you do so that the interviewer will be able to gain a good understanding of the way in which you work. Your answer to this question can be crucial in the final outcome of the interview, so you should ensure that your answer is completely forthcoming and honest, but also that you give a good explanation for the way in which you respond to new duties and assignments.

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