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What would your biographer name your biography?

This is a personality questioned designed to get a picture of your self image and how creative you are, what you have accomplished, and even how humble you are. It’s a light hearted question that often comes in the beginning of the interviewer, to help set the tone and direction for the following questions.

There’s really no wrong answer, but there are some general guidelines.

• Don’t fake it with titles such as “The Inventor’s Inventor” which suggest you’ve done something you haven’t. That is, of course, unless you are a great inventor
• Show humility, either with the title or with a brief explanation. “Titles sell books, so don’t put too much into this, but I think it would be something like “Rising Above – Hard Work to Success.”
• Show self respect. It’s one thing to be humble, it’s another to be self depreciating with something like “A Picture of No Big Deal.”

It’s also important to make it something that has to do with the career, or even better yet specifically with the job you’re seeking.

In this example, the answer is in an interview for a sales job.

Not Specific:
“I think they’d call it “Get ‘Er Done!”

Specific to sales:
“It would be “The Closer,” because I know how to close sales.

Even if the title isn’t specific, a brief explanation can tie the title to the job. Here are more examples.

Administrative Assistant:
“I’ve never really thought about it, but it would be “Mr. Friday,” because I’m a great right hand man.”

“I don’t think they’d write a biography about me, but if someone did they’d call it “From Bricks to Mortar,” which is a good tie in to the strip malls I’ve built.”

“Wow, I didn’t expect a question like that. Hmmm, I think something along the lines of “Making Noise People Want to Hear.” I try to market in ways people don’t want to escape, like something eye catching that stops people from changing the channel during commercials.”

“It would be “Going My Way,” I don’t just bark commands, I work with the team so we’re all moving in the same direction.”

Store Clerk:
“”Are You Being Served,” because I’m always on the look out for a customer in need. That’s the job, after all.”
One woman seemed to not really want the job when she answered the question. “The Ghost,” she said, “because my last boss said I’m never around when he needed me.”

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