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What were your favorite subjects in school and why?

Be honest as much as possible, but face it, an answer that doesn’t include something to do with your career and the job you’re seeking is a useless answer to this question. Hopefully you’re interviewing for jobs that have to do with your career, and thus with subjects you enjoy. But even if not, relate the subject to the job.

Some tips for this answer:

• Mention subjects directly connected with the job. For example if the job is at a bank, mention you enjoyed accounting and finance classes.
• Mention special projects outside of school work as these show a keen interest in the subject and field. For example, maybe you won an award at a science fair, and are now an engineer.
• Mention subjects related to the main subject or job. For example, if you’re interviewing at a consulting firm mention part time classes you took in communications, or any activity or class that had something to do with interacting with people.
• Mention subjects or activities related to general job skills. “I’m President of our home owner’s association” shows leadership, as well as responsibility to the community, and by extension to a boss or company.

“I always loved math, from the time I first learned numbers. The more advanced the classes, the more I loved the challenge, and the feeling after learning something new or solving a problem. That’s why I’m a good engineer, because for me it’s not the comfort of having the solution, but the challenge of finding it. I teach an adult education math class at the junior college as a way to keep up my skills and to help other people learn what I love.”

“Art was my favorite subject. I remember finger painting in preschool, and I hand made all the decorations for our senior prom in HS – they were a big hit. I volunteer as a gardener at a local retirement home – I even take care of their inside flowers and plants to help bring some beauty to the people who can’t get out.”

“I was always curious about how things work, which is why I liked science so much. But I love to talk to – I was captain of the debate team in College. Sales is the perfect combination for me – psychology, knowing how people think and react, and communication, talking but also listening. They’re all important skills.”

For some jobs, this man’s answer might be important. “Recess!” We just can’t think of any.

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