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While trying to meet a deadline, you discover a snag that will hinder the finished product. How do you handle this?

This is another question that you will need to handle carefully while answering. This is a situational interview question and they can definitely be tricky. You may or may not have found yourself in this type of situation before so if you have not had any experience with this type of situation then you will need to determine what it is that the interviewer is looking to find out from your answer.

As one might imagine, this would be a difficult situation in which to find yourself. On one hand, there is the matter of meeting the deadline, but there is also the matter of quality assurance. In all likelihood, if you are presented with a question of this nature, the interviewer wants to find out if you are able to effectively balance time management to meet pressing deadlines but also if you are concerned with quality. In your response to this question you must assure the interviewer that you are able to effectively balance both time management as well as quality assurance and that you understand the importance of both.

One way to respond to this question is to assure the interviewer that although you do well working under pressure, you fully understand time management techniques and always build in sufficient time when managing any project to allow for delays of this nature. This will convey your commitment to meeting deadlines on time. At the same time, you must also let the interviewer know you are concerned with the final quality, so you might describe how you would handle making sure that the finished product meet’s the company’s quality standards while at the same time meeting the deadline or making arrangements for the deadline to be moved in order to accommodate the delay and ensue that quality standards are met.

Remember that while situational interview questions can be difficult to answer, the key to managing these types of questions is to make sure you know what it is that the interviewer is looking for by posing that type of question and then providing an appropriate response. Practicing situational interview questions is a great way to prepare in advance for an upcoming interview so that you will be comfortable answering any type of situational question that may come your way.

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