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How would your past coworkers describe you?

This is a question that must be answered carefully because you do not want to reveal anything unflattering. You should always remember that the person who is interviewing you could be your future supervisor, so you should definitely take care in describing how you believe former coworkers would describe you. The key is to describe yourself in the way that any supervisor would want to see a new employee. For example you might say that former coworkers would describe you as committed, loyal, friendly, professional, etc.

When answering this question make sure you avoid the use of the word ‘think.’ You should sound as though you are confident regarding what others would say when describing you. When you use the word ‘think’ it sounds as though you re not sure and casts some doubt onto the subject. This is something that should be avoided. You should always strive to sound as though you are confident, positive and certain regarding how others would describe you.

It may also be helpful when answering this question if you can provide a direct quote from a former coworker. For example, you might say that a particular coworker once told you that you are the hardest working person on the team. Of course, if you do share something like this when in an interview, you should be certain that you tell only the truth. Do not just make up something that a coworker might have said about you because you think it sounds nice. You never want to place yourself in a position where you tell something that is not true in an interview and it is discovered later.

Also, when relating how coworkers would describe you, do make sure you focus on descriptions that would be appropriate for the workplace. Even if you socialize with coworkers outside of work, you should not steer into personal territory. Even if the coworker who sat next to you said that you were the life of the party when a group of you went out after work for a few drinks, this is not something to reveal in an interview. Stick to professional qualities. The interviewer wants to find out how you function in a professional work environment. Providing a clear and confident answer regarding traits others would see in you while at work will accomplish this goal.

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