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Why Do You Want to Work Here?

This is a question you should ask yourself during the job search. Why do you want to work at a company, why apply there? The answer might be perfect for the interview question. Equally as important, the answer guides your choice of companies and jobs. People are rarely happy in jobs that are nothing more than a pay check.

Do research on the company to make sure you know about it – what is done there, the people, the environment, the owners or executive staff. Most of that information can be found on the company web site.

Some good answers in this vain include:

Learn from the executives:
“In my career field the people who run this company are some of the best there are. I want to get into this environment so I can learn from their experience while working with them to make the company a success.”

Personality match:
“The environment here matches my personality. This is a company that likes creativity on the job. This is where I want to work.”

Industry Leader:
“My research showed me that your company is an industry leader. I saw some information on future projects here that got me excited – I want to be involved.”

Even after all the research it may come down to nothing more than you need a job, you have to pay the bills. Then be honest about that, but spin it in a way that shows you will be an asset.

“I have bills to pay, I need to work. I intend to work hard here so I can help the company and keep the job a long time.”

A little humor doesn’t hurt.

“I owe, I owe, so off to work I go. Look, people have to work. I need the money. You need a hard worker who can do the job and is willing to grow with the company. That’s me.”

Beware of sounding desperate. The company is looking for employees to fill their needs. Good companies recognize that they have to fulfill employees needs too. Honesty is the best policy. If you need a job but don’t really intend to work hard, it will come out during the interview.

The worst possible answer to this question we’ve ever heard? “Your office is next to the bank I intend to rob. I can study their security and the lay out during my breaks.”

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