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In your past positions, have you had to deal with any kind of cultural diversity?

Your answer to this question should be extremely well thought out. This is an area where you need to be very careful. In today’s global workplace it is becoming increasingly likely that you may encounter cultural diversity, if not on a daily basis, then at least on occasion from time to time. Smart employers know that they must hire staff that is able to handle cultural diversity with respect. Not only might employees face cultural diversity among coworkers but you could also encounter it among clients, vendors and customers as well. If a business is to be successful, everyone employed there must have a good grasp of how to handle cultural diversity so that everyone is respected.

If you have worked in an environment in the past where you encountered cultural diversity then you may be able to use that experience to form your answer to this question. If not then you will need to relate another situation where you had to handle cultural diversity, if possible. Perhaps while you were in college you roomed with someone who was of a different culture than you or you had a close friend who had a different cultural background.

With this type of question you must keep in mind what it is that the interviewer is looking for. In asking this question, it is important for you to remember that the employer or interviewer wants to make sure that you are able to approach cultural diversity with respect and ensure that everyone is provided with dignity. There are many different ways that you can demonstrate your understanding of this to the interviewer. You might relate a prior experience in which you faced this type of situation and the specific steps that you took to ensure that others in your work environment were respected even if their own culture was different from your own. If you have truly never encountered this type of situation in the past, either in the workplace or in school or some other situation then you will need to make sure you demonstrate your awareness of the need for sensitivity and respect regarding cultural diversity. The key to succeeding with this question is to keep your response focused on your ability to effectively handle cultural diversity so that everyone feels respected.

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