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Have I said anything that makes you think you’re not the best candidate for this job?

Just when you think the interview is over, the interviewer throws in this little gem of a question. It has a shade of testing your ability to react under pressure, but take it as an opportunity to clarify what might be a weak point in the interview.

For example, if you feel a lack of experience has come through during the interview, now is the perfect time to address it.

“You asked a few questions about my experience. While I’m fairly new to the profession, I have a great deal of energy and desire to learn, as you can see by my quick development, and achievements, at my last job.”

Entry Level:
“I know we’ve discussed that I’m new to the field, but this is an entry level position and I think you’ll find I have an aptitude for learning. I’ll grow with the position into a lot more responsibility and productivity.”

Hard Work:
“This is my first position with this much responsibility, but I’m organized and a hard worker. I can handle it.”

This question may seem tough, but it also gives you a chance to clear up any “oops” moments from earlier in the interview.

Travel is a problem:
“I know I said it’s a long commute from where I now live, and that might lead to being late, but I didn’t mention that I plan to relocate if I’m offered the position. I’m not tied to where I currently live.”

Weekend Work:
“You said the job involves some weekend work, and I do take classes on weekends, but there are makeup classes Tuesday evenings, so if I do have to work on weekends, it’s not a problem.”

This isn’t a time to change earlier answers, but it is a time to provide additional information or clarification.

Boss you couldn’t get along with:
“You didn’t say anything, but I was concerned that my answer about troubles with a past boss might have been taken as a negative. We moved on quickly, but I want to add that the problem I described was a minor incident, overall we maintained a very positive and professional working relationship.”

Don’t change or clarify too much. That may make you seem weak or indecisive.

The right light hearted tone, even with an answer like this, ends the interview on a positive note. It did for one candidate who received the job. “You haven’t said “welcome to the company.””

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