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How do you go about making important decisions?

This is another common interview question that you may encounter. The interviewer genuinely wants to understand more about the steps that you undertaken when approaching a problem and making a decision. When you answer this question you need to make sure that you demonstrate your ability to carefully analyze the problem and thoughtfully arrive at a decision that is based on relevant information and all of the choices that are possible. This will show that you do not make rash decisions and also that you take all of the information into account before making a decision.

Actually, using models for problem solving may be able to help you in formulating a response to this question. For example, you would first need to define the problem and the type of decision that would need to be made. The next step would be to gather relevant information that is necessary in order to arrive at a decision. You would then consider all of the possible choices and consider the outcomes for each of those possible choices. You would also consider how each of those choices relate to your own personal values and priorities. Based on the possibilities you would then choose an option that is aligned with your values and priorities and commit yourself to ensuring the success of that decision. Finally, you would evaluate the decision that you have made and if necessary you might change that decision if you see that it is not effective or is not working out as you thought.

Remember that there is no real right or wrong answer to this question. This is a behavioral type question that is designed to find out how you handle different situations, in this case how you make decisions. In providing your answer you might also give some concrete examples of prior work situations in which you had to make a decision and the process that you used for arriving at the final decision. Always make sure that your answer remains positive. When preparing your answer to this type of question you may find it helpful to make bulleted lists to ensure that everything is covered fully. This process will ensure that the interviewer receives the information they need while also demonstrating your ability to make a sound decision based on the available information and in accordance to your own values and ethics.

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