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Tell me about a time an idea or task of yours was criticized?

There are many common questions that you may encounter when you are searching for a job and going to interviews. This is a question that is actually fairly common. This is because the employer wants to find out how you respond to criticism and also if you may have a problem with receiving criticism in a working environment. Keep in mind when developing an answer for this question that everyone experiences criticism from time to time. That is a natural part of life, particularly in the workplace. To pretend otherwise would be disingenuous. When answering this question you need to make sure you provide an answer that sounds credible but also one that demonstrates you are able to handle criticism well and that you are able to use it constructively and learn from it.

For example, suppose that you answer by stating that you did not feel as though the person who criticized you was in a position to offer criticism. This may sound like a realistic answer, but the problem with it is that it sounds disrespectful and will give the impression that you have a problem with authority. On the opposite end of the spectrum you might say that criticism does not bother you. This type of answer does not sound very credible but very few people are not bothered by criticism. The most effective answer to this question would be to state that you view criticism as an important part of your continued professional growth and that you welcome the opportunity to receive criticism when it is constructive in order to learn how to be more effective and productive.

As you can see, there are vast differences in the various ways that this question can be answered. Rather than giving the impression that you are being dishonest or that you have a problem with receiving criticism, the most effective answer shows that you understand that criticism is occasionally part of the professional growth process and that you understand how to take criticism and turn it into positive.

You should take the time to practice answering this question as it is likely that you will encounter it if you interview for enough jobs. Therefore you should be fully prepared to discuss how you view criticism and how you can utilize it for something positive.

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