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What were your three most important responsibilities in your last job?

Once again the employer is going to be interested in finding out more about your last position because that can help them to understand how you may function and operate in the new job if they should offer it to you. As a result, it should not surprise you if you are presented with a question about your prior responsibilities. With this question, the interviewer is also likely seeking out information that will help them to understand what you deem to be important in terms of your responsibilities on the job.

In answering any questions that relate to your prior position you should make sure that you are specific as well as positive. Do not take advantage of the opportunity to speak negatively about your former job as it will not serve you well in an interview for a new job. The best way to handle this question is to make a strong effort to describe the responsibilities which you held in your past job, going briefly into detail about those responsibilities, and then show how those responsibilities are linked to the requirements of the job you are interviewing for. Through this method you will be able to demonstrate to the employer that you definitely have the qualifications and skills that are necessary to perform the job for which you are applying.

Of course, you should also always be honest in answering any question that relates to your prior responsibilities at your previous job. You should not embellish upon your responsibilities in order to make yourself sound more qualified. Such tactics can easily cause you problems if the employer checks references and has a talk with a former supervisor and discovers that you have been less than honest regarding your responsibilities at your last job.

This question is one that is asked fairly frequently so it is a good idea to spend some time thinking about how you will respond and then practicing that response so that you will be prepared when you are called in for an interview. It does not matter what type of position that you are applying for or even whether you are applying for a management position or not, this is a question that is routinely asked so you should take advantage of the opportunity to prepare to answer it in an effective manner.

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