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Describe the worst job you’ve had?

This is the type of question that you will need to be very careful answering. This question is actually a lot like a question where you are asked to describe your ideal or dream job. Your response to this question should be similar to that of the dream job question for the same reasons. When you describe the worst type of job that you have ever experienced you do not want to mistakenly describe the type of job environment for which you are interviewing. For example, you do not want to say that the worst job you have ever had was one in which you had to work in a team environment and everyone on the team got on your nerves. If the job for which you are applying is one which you will have to work as a team it is likely that this type of answer could cost you the job.

Unless you are very well versed about the job for which you are applying, it is better to stay away from specifics when answering this question. Instead, you should rely on providing an answer that is generic in nature. For example, you might state that the worst job you’ve ever had was one in which you were not able to contribute as much as you would like due to a lack of opportunity. Steer away from describing employment situations you hated because of the attitudes of the supervisor, co-workers or something specific that related to that job.

You can easily find yourself in murky waters when answering this question if you do not prepare properly. One of the benefits about this question is that it is easy to practice and prepare your answer. There is no standard right or wrong answer to this question, but it is a good idea to practice so that you feel comfortable giving an answer that is detailed enough to provide the interviewer with the information they seek while at the same time remaining generic enough to ensure that you do not accidentally say the wrong thing.

When you are preparing for an interview it is important to make sure that you practice a response to this question because it is one of the more common questions that are commonly asked during interviews so there is a good chance that you will encounter it at some time.

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